Imagine Your Home in Your Favorite Colors

Imagine Your Home in Your Favorite Colors

Work with our interior & exterior house painter in Rochester, MN

Want to change the color scheme in your whole house? Maybe you just want to paint a single room. Either way, our interior house painter can take on the task. Use our organized and quality painting process. Rochester Painting Company serves homeowners in Rochester, MN.

We get beautiful results by:

  • Completing any drywall touchups before we begin
  • Hand-painting your walls and trim for precise work
  • Spraying your ceiling for a smooth look

Plus, we work hard to keep our prices affordable. Reach out to our interior house painter right away to get the right painting services for your budget.

Give your home a more beautiful exterior

In addition to your indoor spaces, we can also paint the outside of your home. Our exterior house painters will soft wash your siding, then spray or hand-paint it, depending on the material and structure. Call 507-551-5262 now to arrange for a consultation and quote with an exterior house painter.